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Why Sóller?

A special place with a captivating past – and an exciting future

another world

Sóller isn’t a place you find by accident. It’s nestled in a peaceful, secluded valley that sits between an imposing limestone mountain and calm waters that stretch all the way across to Barcelona.

Although it’s a stone’s throw from Palma, it feels like another world; a Garden of Eden that’s hidden from sight and distinct from the rest of Mallorca.

The gateway to Sóller is a long tunnel that runs underneath the impassable Serra de Tramutama – a route that emerges from darkness into blinding sunlight to reveal a fertile landscape peppered with citrus trees and flora. When people ask us what’s special about Sóller, we show them the modernist architecture. Vast townhouses that date back to the 1800s built by wealthy Parisians and their architects.

Heritage & Charm

We point out the undeveloped coastline and picture-perfect port that rivals anywhere on the Italian riviera. The mountain range that offers a dramatic backdrop without blocking the sun. The ancient citrus trees that are world-famous for producing some of the most flavoursome oranges anywhere in Mediterranean. The UNESCO world heritage status that protects the area from over development. Add to that it’s proximity to Palma and the rest of Europe and you begin to see it’s appeal.

Most of all, the charm of Sóller is about its people. With a small population, nobody is an outsider. Whether you’re a local or a newcomer, you’re part of the fabric. The vibrant international community and the compact footprint of the town itself are truly unique – putting down roots is easy when you live this close to the people you know and the places you love.

For as long as anyone can remember, Sóller has captured the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to discover its beauty. At Berrow, we count ourselves among them.