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About us

Berrow History

Berrow Projects was founded by brothers Archie and Monty Berrow who moved to Mallorca in 2018 with a shared vision of bringing a professional, innovative approach to Mallorcan property development.

They oversee all aspects of the day to day operations working alongside a dedicated team of local craftsmen, artisans, architects, and world-renowned brands who all share one common purpose– To help your family start the life you didn’t even know you were dreaming about.

Although we moved here from the UK, we have a lifetime of memories from Sóller. It’s where we spent our childhood holidays and it’s home to our first property renovation, Patiki Townhouse. We know the region intimately – from the people you should meet to the places you should check out. We’re a family business that puts families first.

Berrow brothers

This value runs through everything we do, from our projects at Berrow to the farm to table restaurant we opened on the beach. That’s how invested we are in the area.

So, when you buy a home from us, we do everything we can to make you feel like “you’ve arrived”.

Arrived on our shores. Arrived in Sóller. And most importantly arrived at a new chapter in your life. 

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Our Ambition

To protect the heritage of our town, elevate its architecture, and celebrate the next chapter in your life - welcome home.

We transform local properties that are full of stories and character into luxury finished homes for modern buyers.

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One team. One set of standards.

Berrow operates a “direct to buyer” model and manages everything from concept to completion.

Our designers work closely with a team of local craftspeople to reach a standard that measures up to our vision. For the duration of a project, we’re on the ground every day signing off on decisions, no matter how small. It’s this hand-on commitment that gives our clients peace of mind when they’re the other side of the world.

The majority of our projects begin with no buyer in mind. We assume all the risk, giving us complete freedom to turn uncut gems into uncompromised masterpieces.The properties we sell are far more than a transaction to us –they’re homes we’ve put everything into creating.